What are Floodsax®

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FloodSax® are the original alternative sandbags for instant, flexible flood protection and have proved themselves in action against flooding over many years. They are the number one sandless sandbag in the US and our great reputation for customer service means we can get them to you very quickly.

Almost 3 million FloodSax® sandless sandbags have been sold across the world over the last 15 years, many of them in America, and US distributor Tjernlund Products has a nationwide distribution chain so you should have your FloodSax® within a couple of days no matter where you live.

Flooding is happening somewhere in the States every day - the cost of flood damage was approximately $17 billion EVERY YEAR - and has been described as “the number one natural peril in the US” by global insurance company Munich RE.

This is why flooding needs a rapid response and FloodSax® are easy and space-saving to store yet quick and easy to deploy unlike traditional sand bags.

FloodSax® are a flexible, multi-purpose alternative sandbag to use for flood prevention and flood mitigation both indoors and outdoors.


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FloodSax® resemble large pillowcases in their dry state but when they come into contact with water the special gelling polymer inside absorbs the water to inflate the FloodSax® to weigh 20kg (44lbs) in under 7 minutes. 

Once expanded, a row of standard 500mm by 450mm by 200mm FloodSax® are strong enough to stop a powerful torrent of water in its tracks. Each row of FloodSax® will keep around 20cms (8ins) of water out and have proved themselves as flood barriers time and again worldwide. Their uniform size makes them easier to build into anti-flood barriers than sandbags.

In their dry state FloodSax® are ultra-slim so inside homes and businesses they can be slipped under floorboards and pipes to catch water leaks and prevent further damage until a plumber can get there.


Don’t forget that when it rains heavily water can get in through leaking roofs and walls as well as through the doors. FloodSax® have a large surface area so can catch leaks in places where you can’t use buckets, bowls or other containers – and you don’t have to worry about emptying them.

FloodSax® sandless sandbags are vacuum-packed and five go into each easy-to-handle carrier bag and four bags then fit into a cardboard box which is easy for just one person to carry. That means 20 in a box and with 24 boxes on a pallet (equivalent to almost 500 sandbags) they could easily fit into a van unlike sandbags that would need lorries, quite a few people and several hours to move them anywhere.

Sandbags may seem an inexpensive way to prevent floods but there are a lot of extra problems and costs with them such as storage, transporting them in trucks and it’s a laborious and back-breaking task to deploy them. Using sandbags is a slow, painstaking process.

Dollar for dollar FloodSax® alternative sandbags are more cost effective than traditional sandbags and here’s why.



Easy to store, are vacuumed-packed to save even more room and have a minimum 5-year shelf life (but will last way longer than that if stored well).

Always there for peace of mind so no panic to try to get hold of sandbags if flooding is forecast.

Can be expanded in water right next to where you need them and stay fully inflated until the flood subsides which could be several weeks or even months.

Lightweight before they are used with the standard bag weighing just 13 ounces so can be used by people who would not be able to lift sand bags such as the elderly or disabled.

Thousands can be quickly transported in a van, saving on fuel, wages and manpower.

One can be expanded and put down the toilet to block it from filthy water being forced up by the floodwater backing up through the drains and sewer.

FloodSax® don’t need sand - one of the earth’s natural resources - and so saves the environment.



Must be replaced regularly costing thousands of dollars.

Can deteriorate if stored for a long time, especially in cold, damp warehouses.

Very difficult to lift, move and stack into a flood barrier.

Messy with the sand easily washed out and adding to all the damage if they burst. They are very environmentally unfriendly.

Difficult and expensive to transport anywhere due to their weight. One box of 20 FloodSax that will easily fit into a car trunk is equal to 20 sandbags on a pallet.

You’ll need a lot of people to move any number of sandbags anywhere and then build them into flood barriers.

Authorities in the US often just supply sand so you have to provide your own bags and then fill them yourself.

Traditional sandbags are very environmentally unfriendly

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