Why choose Floodsax®?

FloodSax® are the multi-purpose and flexible solution to floods, leaks and spills both indoors and outside.
They expand in water to become instant sandbags in just 5 minutes. Available all over the US.

Light and easy

Forget lugging heavy sandbags around, these bags are lightweight before being deployed and can be easily stored for emergencies.

Suitable indoors or out

The perfect sandbag alternative for natural disasters - or when the washing machine decides to leak - to protect your home inside and out.

Flood Barrier

FloodSax® are strong enough to hold back a torrent of floodwater.

US Distributors

FloodSax® are available for immediate distribution across America.


FloodSax® in action in the USA

floodsax sandbag us

Case Study

FloodSax® alternative sandbags saved American homes when Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc across the USA.

Around 50 properties were at risk of being badly damaged by a floodwater storm surge when the Delaware River rose 2ft as the storm struck the New York area but they were saved by a wall of FloodSax® which kept back both the floodwater and tons of debris.

Jonathan Cochran, who built the FloodSax® flood barrier, said: “If the water had got into the basement at these homes the damage in each one would have been in the region of $3,000 or $4,000. These homes had suffered from flooding before and there was no way the people living there wanted to go through that again.”

  • Really great product. Absorbed and held water way better than the other sandless sandbags I’ve tried. They are a bigger too and can stack because they inflate evenly..
    Mike N
  • Great customer service. Product works as advertised and much preferred to filling sand/dirt bags.
    Jenny Banks
    Dopel limited
  • Easy to install and such a great product. Awesome quality. Much easier than sandbags - no mess. Love these and they were such a life saver.
    Rob Mals

Bulk buy through us or for smaller amounts purchase at retail outlets such as Amazon, Home Depot and Grainger

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