Which are the 10 wettest states in the USA and why?


The United States is a country of weather extremes with some states far wetter than others but which are the rainiest states and why?

Well, the top 10 have been revealed by the website World Atlas with states people regard as natural sunshine and holidays states getting the most rain.

According to World Atlas, much of the central and upper eastern part of the US gets evenly distributed rainfall all year round while much of western US and Hawaii gets rainfall during spring, winter and autumn through storm systems that develop in the Pacific Ocean.

This why the top 5 rainiest states in the US are so wet.

The top 5 all have tropical or sub tropical climates.

  1. Hawaii is an island in the Pacific Ocean that has a wet season from November to April with December the rainiest month of all.
  2. Louisiana is in the deep south and has rainfall all year round but is very vulnerable to tropical cyclones.
  3. Mississippi is in the south east and vulnerable to hurricanes in late summer. December is its wettest month
  4. Alabama is also in the south east with the hottest summers in the US. March is the wettest month and the state is vulnerable to frequent thunderstorms with areas near the coast getting up to 80 thunderstorms every year.
  5. Florida is the southernmost US state with afternoon thunderstorms common from late spring to early autumn and has the highest number of lightning strikes in the country.

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