Just one van easily transports FloodSax equivalent to 700 sandbags


This one van is transporting the equivalent to 700 traditional sandbags.

Yes, you read it correctly – 700.

It’s well known that old-style sandbags are very heavy and 700 sandbags, each weighing 20kg, would weigh in at an almighty 14,000kg which is around 14 tonnes.

FloodSax alternative sandbags are vacuumed-pack so they are space-saving to store and light to carry. Each box of 20 weighs just 9.5kg so all 700 FloodSax in the van weigh less than 333kg – that’s 42 times less than the equivalent number of sandbags.

Even better, each box of 20 can easily be carried by one person.

Once FloodSax are immersed in water the gelling polymer inside absorbs the water and retains it so it expands to become an instant sandless sandbag weighing 20kg.

In short, traditional sandbags need vast storage space in warehouses, are prone to deteriorating and falling apart if stored a long time and need pallets, trucks and a lot of people to move them anywhere.

Yet hundreds of FloodSax can be transported in a van or even a car quickly, need just one person and can be quickly ready for action by turning them into instant sandbags for quick flood protection.

Unlike old-style sandbags, they are also multi-purpose and flexible. In their dry state FloodSax are exceptionally thin so can be used to soak up leaks, spills and floods inside homes and businesses, especially in hard-to-reach places such as beneath pipes, underneath sinks or below boilers and leaky roofs.

All this means that local authorities, facilities management companies, hospital trusts, utility companies, businesses and people across the USA now regard FloodSax as the natural alternative to sandbags to prevent flooding.

Water companies, telecommunications firms, gas and electricity businesses all need sandbags to weigh down signs when they are digging up roads or as instant flood barriers to stop and divert water, perhaps from burst pipes and mains under roads.

Many of their works vans now have to carry sandbags around but the vans already have so much equipment on board the crews are finding the vans are getting overloaded once they pop the sandbags in too so, again, many now use FloodSax instead.

FloodSax are made by UK company Environmental Defence Systems Ltd and Lucy Bailey from the company said: “FloodSax are now seen as the natural choice instead of old-style sandbags which cause immense problems to store and transport anywhere.

“The weight issue is a big issue but all that is solved with FloodSax which are so easy to fit into vehicles and weigh hardly anything before they come into contact with water. They then harness the power of water to prevent flooding.

“Traditional sandbags have a poor reputation for keeping floodwater out anyway. They can quickly deteriorate, spilling sand in the vans or on the roads, causing a mess and clogging up drains by the roadside which causes environmental problems and the risk of further flooding.”

To find out more about FloodSax in the US email us at info@floodsaxus.com, phone us on 800 255 4208 ext 121 or visit our website at https://www.floodsaxus.com/